How to Kayak with a dog?

We often see people taking their dogs for a walk. Most of the time we ourselves take pleasure in giving our pets a ride or walk. Did you know that kayaking with your dog on a hot day can be fun especially if your dog enjoys the water ride? Even though your dog is not a water lover, he can still enjoy the ride sitting beside you gazing at the sights.

You need to be careful since certain dogs are not comfortable or good at sitting still and they might easily get uneasy while kayaking. Kayaking can be an adventurous and fun-filled activity for your pet. Capture the pictures as you look back at your adventures with your Fido and enjoy a hearty laugh. And I hope this article will answer your Question – How to kayak with your dog?

The best Kayaks for your dogs

  • Size – Take into consideration the size of the kayak. Go for a generously spacious kayak if your pet is huge so that he can sit comfortably and happily enjoy the ride.
  • Stability –when he is moving around back and forth, your kayak needs to be stable.
  • Weight– Get a lightweight inflatable kayak.

Items that are necessary before stepping into the water

Make your doggy comfortable to sit in the kayak. Give him a small ride to show him that there is no need to fear the water. Provide your dog with all the necessary things that are required.

Your dog needs a Personal Floating Device (PDF). In case your dog jumps or falls into the water, the personal floating device will rescue him. If your dog is hefty to be picked and put him back into the Kayak, the handle on the top will enable you to hold on and steer in the right direction. There is absolutely no need your dog should be a good swimmer.

Having a dog life jacket is an essential requirement since it gives thermal protection for your pets while they are in cold water. It would be a good idea to practice swimming for your doggy with their life jacket on so that their confidence level in water can be boosted.

Begin with flat water

You need to be an expert or confident paddler before you could take your pet on a kayak. Begin with a pond or lake where the water is calm and quiet. Giving your dog a ride in the ocean or river for the first time is not a good idea. If your dog gets nervous and jumps out of the kayak, it will certainly be difficult for him to swim to the shore. But with pond or lake, your doggy can escape and make his way back to the shore.

A piece of advice would be to take a friend along with you when you have your pet with you. Having someone with you along with your Fido can be a great source of help in case of an emergency. Make sure you are sticking closer to your family while on a kayak adventure. Most of the dogs will take turns and keep jumping from one kayak to another. To avoid creating further anxiety for your pet, stay together as a family in a single Kayak, and enjoy your ride with your dog.

Remind your Fido the need for obedience

It would be highly appreciated if you work on or brush up on the basic obedience commands. Your pet needs to learn a few commands like Sit down, stay here, come on, etc. Working on and teaching them those skills and obedience can literally save their lives when in danger. While getting in and out of the kayak, send your dog first using a command. Taking care of their potty and finishing it off before they get into the kayak can be relaxing for you and your pet.

To access the water, your Fido can lean on the gunwales, make sure you carry plenty of drinking water for you and your pet. Additionally, carry pet food items, dog first aid kit that includes mushers booties for bandaging the paws. Don’t forget to carry some water toys for your pet to play with. Once you reach the shore, give him the prize for his obedience and good behavior. He will learn the lesson and the reward he earned for obeying your commands.

Final Words: 

Hope this article has provided you the essential tips and safeguard measures that you need to follow while kayaking with your dog.

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